Gift Collection


With Love

9 unique tealicious blends with fruits, flowers and herbs packed in individual tea bags which can be presented as a token of love to the one you care.


Winter wonderland

A product for the season with lots of joy and happiness, 9 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags of contrasting flavors are packed in a Christmas tree shaped carton.The truly amazing and refreshing flavors will reminisce your taste buds.


Triple Treat

One of the most innovative products by Regalo, consist of the popular fizzy frolic flavour in the form of 10 pyramid tea bags, 10 string & tag tea bags and loose tea which is ideal to have by the side of your table as it has its in built calendar.


Flavour collection

10 sachets , 6 different fruit and tea infusions in a attractive tea assortment pack. A true gastronomic delight.Comes in the form of berry, Citrus, white tea passion, white tea cranberry, white tea soursop.



A combination of traditional and modern tea blends in a gift assortment pack with an exotic twist,16 individually boxed luxury pyramid tea bags for your pleasure and enjoyment.


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