Gourmet Collection


Honey Whip

The ultimate comfort of Ceylon green tea blended smoothly together with honey, strawberry and cornflower petals.


Royal Wine

A sumptuous bouquet of sweet grape and red cornflower petals with the finest of Ceylon black tea.


Blue Aroma

Enjoy the natural Ceylon green tea infused with delicious blueberries and fragrant cantaloupe mixed with edible Marigold flowers, Jasmine Buds, Rose Petals, Blue cornflowers


Tropical Jazz

Escape to the paradise with this exotic cocktail of jasmine blossoms with pure Ceylon black tea.


Rainbow Crust

An indulgent brew of premium green tea spiced with apple, strawberry and delicate blackcurrent.


Autumn Breeze

A delightful dance of premium green tea with corn, staff flower with strawberry will set the night on fire.


Frizzy Frolic

A blend of happiness and Joyous celebration, the perfect combination of tropical fruits and flowers blended with the finest of Ceylon teas to give the consumer the best cup of fruit flavoured tea.


Lavender flavored white tea

Hand picked white tea subtly blended with aromatic lavender flowers packed in 1.5g tea bags x 40 such tea bags packed in a paper tube which preserves freshness until consumed.


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