Tea Bag Collection


Pure Black Tea

Made from the finest quality Ceylon black tea, this is an all-time classic.A full-bodied tea that is robust and rich in flavour, it can be enjoyed with a dash of milk and sugar


Pure Green Tea

Made from the finest leaves that have been steamed and dried without fermenting, this tea has a clean, delicious taste you will enjoy


Black tea with Lemon

Enjoy the tangy flavour of sun-kissed lemons in this fruit-flavoured black tea. An invigorating blend with all parts of the lemon fruit


Black tea with Forest Berry

The lightly tart, tangy and sweet berry flavoured and other different fruits beautifully combine with Ceylon tea


Black tea with Earl Gray

This unique blend is made from pure Ceylon black tea with natural Bergamot flavour. Captivating the hearts of tea connoisseurs around the world


Black tea with Jasmine

Flavoured with refreshing jasmine flower, this black tea is aromatic and smooth. Best drunk chilled. a few crushed jasmine flower will add extra oomph to the tea


Green tea with Blue berry

Relish the tarty tropical flavour of fresh blueberry fruit. Delightfully blended with the lively taste of pure green tea


Green tea with Soursup

Refreshing and invigorating, this green tea blend helps liven your day. infused with the refreshing flavor of soursop it will help you to stay energized.


Green tea with Ginger & Honey

Refresh your senses with this invigorating blend of pure green tea and aromatic spicy ginger with sweet honey.


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